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Burford Perry Helps Client Win Take-Nothing Judgment, $1.9 Million Counterclaim in Energy Industry Contract Dispute

Burford Perry recently won court approval for a $1.9 million arbitration award the firm secured on behalf of a midstream energy and logistics provider, Tyr Energy Logistics, in a contract dispute where the other party sought over $25 million in damages but was awarded nothing.


Tyr Energy Logistics provides midstream energy services, petrochemical storage, and transloading services.


Burford Perry partner Matt Parks worked with co-counsel John T. Flood of Corpus Christi’s Flood Trial Lawyers in their successful representation of Tyr Energy Logistics LLC, Tyr Logistics LLC, and Tyr Energy Logistics (Mexico) LLC.


The Tyr Energy companies were sued in 2021 by San Antonio-based IWC Oil & Refinery LLC based on a disagreement over services provided under a series of agreements to store and transload millions of dollars in petrochemical products.


As part of the lawsuit, the trial court ordered IWC to post a $1.4 million bond before the parties were compelled to arbitration.


The arbitrator heard arguments from both sides of the case before issuing the decision in favor of Tyr Energy last fall. The presiding judge in the 151st District Court in Houston confirmed the arbitration award issued by the American Arbitration Association on Feb. 6, 2024.

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