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Companies grappling with disputes or potential disputes in the oil and gas arena turn to us for unmatched business-savvy litigation counsel. With valuable experience advocating on both sides of the docket, our lawyers draw on our deep and diverse knowledge base to secure efficient and strategic resolutions. If the situation warrants, we’ll go to trial and skillfully deliver a well-crafted, persuasive narrative of the facts, as we’ve done numerous times. When you retain us, we’ll work closely with you to define your goals early on and forge a shrewd path forward to attain a positive outcome.

Energy Litigation

Claims against the former general counsel of an LNG company dismissed without any settlement

Client Challenge:

Burford Perry represented the former general counsel of LNG company Tellurian Inc. who was also a co-founder of Parallax Enterprises, against claims brought by rival LNG company Cheniere Energy, Inc. Parallax alleged Cheniere breached a $500 million agreement to jointly develop a multi-billion-dollar LNG facility in Louisiana. Cheniere countered by suing Parallax, Tellurian, and four of Tellurian’s key officers.

Burford Perry Approach:

We aligned our client’s interests with the interests of lead defendant Tellurian and worked closely with Tellurian’s counsel to make our client a key part of the defense strategy. Because we had earlier negotiated our client’s separation agreement from Tellurian and anticipated further litigation, we were able to protect our client before and during the lawsuit. Most importantly, we embedded ourselves in the defense team by knowing the documents as well or better as any other counsel and assisting other counsel and their clients where needed. We played an integral role in the trial court briefing and hearings.

The Outcome:

Following two years of litigation, Burford Perry filed a summary judgment on our client’s behalf. Cheniere dismissed its claims against him without any settlement while the summary judgment was pending.

The case is Parallax Enterprises LLC v. Cheniere Energy, Inc. v. Tellurian, Inc., et al., Cause No. 2017-49685 in the 61st District Court of Harris Court, Texas

Featured Client Story

Bringing both institutional knowledge and creative strategies to disputes

Burford Perry attorneys represent many types of industry businesses—including landowners, lease owners, smaller mineral rights owners and working interest owners in high-end disputes against large oil and gas companies. We have also counseled liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies and international oil and gas entities such as ConocoPhillips and domestic corporations like Stone Petroleum. In addition, our lawyers advise companies in field services, transportation, gas management and storage arenas.

Clients rely on our informed counsel in disputes involving such issues as royalties, mineral rights, joint operating agreements, leases, pipelines, transportation, storage financing, farmout agreements, prudent operator standards, shale and fracturing and others. They also depend on our direction in energy business disputes regarding trade secret cases with a proprietary oil and gas element. Our team’s familiarity with a broad swath of commercial litigation matters bolsters our ability to design and implement innovative approaches that successfully resolve particular types of complex oil and gas matters. For example, in one mineral rights case, our attorneys were able to use a securities fraud claim to nullify a problematic contract.

Understanding the legal and business dynamics of the industry

No matter what type of conflict you face, we will use our legal and industry acumen and extraordinary preparation to attain the best possible results. This type of litigation involves very complex and technical concepts. Burford Perry attorneys fully understand not only the highly nuanced legal angles, but also the science, operations and concerns of oil and gas entities, including exploration, evaluation, production, transportation and others. Because we are very industry-savvy, we know how to prevent clients from being taken advantage of and to protect and advance the interests of the plaintiffs or defendants we represent. In addition, we’re accustomed to rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into documents and data to find the facts and information needed to mount the most effective cases possible.

Collaborating closely and balancing client objectives and concerns

When you work with our firm, you get experience widely recognized for excellence. Both of our founding partners have AV-Ratings from Martindale-Hubbell and have been selected as Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters. Two of our lawyers are recognized by Chambers and Partners. Our tight-knit team collaborates well—with each other and with you—and we ask the right questions and bring the right skills to thoroughly and accurately assess your situation and craft a strategic response that balances your business goals, priorities, budget and odds of prevailing. When a courtroom trial proves to be the best option, our lawyers will advocate vigorously and effectively on your behalf. When a settlement makes more sense, we take the pulse of the dynamics around the negotiation table and cultivate a resolution that saves you time and money, and, in some cases, involves a creative business solution.

Our lawyers have helped numerous oil and gas clients by gaining their trust; understanding their company and industry; delivering first-rate, client-driven legal service; providing assertive counsel with a calm, steady approach even in the most contentious disputes; and resolving their matters optimally, which helps them achieve business success. We are here to help you, too.


  • Royalty Disputes:

    Our attorneys have represented both landowners and oil and gas companies in disputes over royalty payments. These disputes often arise when properties are passed intestate (without a will) on to multiple family members. Disputes can also surface when royalty payments aren’t paid correctly. Regardless of how the disputes manifest, they require an experienced legal team to provide counsel as soon as possible to protect your interests.

    Joint Operating Agreements:

    Our team has advocated on behalf of well owners and drilling companies when disputes arise on whether a well has been drilled in accordance with contractual requirements and the joint operating agreement. Failure to resolve these disputes can quickly harm all of parties involved. We work to protect clients’ best interests and resolve joint operating agreement disputes quickly.

    Lease Disputes: Although lease agreements are meant to be mutually beneficial, disputes can jeopardize the relationship and production. When this occurs, one or more parties could lose out on profit. Burford Perry LLP can help both drilling companies and landowners resolve disputes efficiently to get operations running again.

    Pipeline, Transportation and Storage Disputes:

    The development of oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities always involves several parties and companies. Strict regulations guide the transportation and storage of petroleum products, which often result in complicated disputes. Without an experienced team of attorneys, these disputes can bring the entire process to a screeching halt.

    Shale & Fracturing Disputes: Hydraulic fracturing or fracking has created a boom for the Texas oil and gas industry, but it has also caused many contentious disputes. We help landowners and oil and gas companies protect their interests in shale and fracking disputes.

Energy Litigation