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As Oil and Gas Industry Expands so does Litigation

The oil and gas industry is often considered the backbone of the Texas economy. As a state rich in resources, the fluctuations of the oil and gas industry are felt deeply, and an optimistic industry outlook is always welcome. Upswings in the oil and gas industry, however, are frequently accompanied by upswings in related litigation.

Over the next six years, the global oil and gas market is projected to boom, particularly in the infrastructure sector. As the energy industry expands, oil and gas companies can expect increasing threats of litigation. Much of this litigation will relate to the contracts at the core of the industry. By the time a resource has gone from upstream extraction through downstream processing and sale, it has traversed a host of contracts and deals. Each of these transactions poses the potential for litigation.

Mineral owners and oil and gas companies frequently litigate the terms of decades old leases and accompanying royalty payments. While larger companies may find themselves in disputes related to the purchase and sale of processed end products or oilfield equipment. These disputes can be costly, and an increase in the price of oil often entrenches parties in their positions.

The last thing an oil and gas company needs during a boom is legal trouble that jeopardizes business. Selecting the right attorney can mean the difference between winning and losing. While many lawyers take oil and gas cases, few truly understand the nuances and legal precedents that guide energy law.

Texas Oil and Gas Attorneys

Burford Perry LLP’s attorneys have a long track record of success handling claims for mineral owners, producers, and companies operating at every step along the upstream to downstream process. For example, when WTG Gas Processing sued ConocoPhillips Company related to a $150 million sale of natural gas pipelines and processing plants in West Texas, Robert Burford, co-counsel with Gibbs & Bruns LP, won summary judgment for ConocoPhillips. On the other side of the aisle, Mr. Burford obtained a favorable, confidential seven-figure settlement for a large mineral owner. Working on both sides of the docket gives us unique insight into these lawsuits. If you are facing an oil and gas dispute, do not wait to contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced trial attorneys.


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